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Margaret Essien Asuquo
Feb 24

Forms of organizational learning?

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Feb 24
1. Single-loop learning: Involves making incremental changes to existing processes and systems in response to feedback or new information.

2. Double-loop learning: Involves questioning and challenging underlying assumptions and beliefs that guide decision-making and problem-solving within an organization.

3. Action learning: Involves learning through doing, where individuals or teams work on real-world problems and reflect on their experiences to identify and implement solutions.

4. Experiential learning: Involves learning through direct experience, such as on-the-job training, simulations, or role-playing exercises.

5. Collaborative learning: Involves sharing knowledge and expertise among individuals or teams within an organization to collectively solve problems and improve performance.

6. Reflective learning: Involves taking time to reflect on past experiences, successes, and failures to identify lessons learned and apply them to future situations.

7. Informal learning: Involves learning that occurs spontaneously and informally through interactions with colleagues, mentors, and other sources of knowledge within an organization.

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