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Mar 5

Functions of various courts in Kenya ?

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Mar 5
1. Supreme Court: The Supreme Court is the highest court in Kenya and has the final say on all legal matters. It hears appeals from the Court of Appeal and has the authority to interpret the Constitution.

2. Court of Appeal: The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the High Court and has the authority to review decisions made by lower courts. It also has the power to interpret the law and set legal precedents.

3. High Court: The High Court is the main trial court in Kenya and has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. It also has the authority to review decisions made by lower courts and administrative bodies.

4. Magistrates Courts: Magistrates Courts handle less serious criminal cases and civil disputes. They have limited jurisdiction and can only hear cases with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison or a fine of up to Kshs. 1 million.

5. Employment and Labour Relations Court: This court deals with disputes between employers and employees, including cases related to unfair dismissal, discrimination, and labor rights.

6. Environment and Land Court: This court handles cases related to land disputes, environmental issues, and natural resources management. It has the authority to hear cases involving land ownership, land use planning, and environmental conservation.

7. Children's Court: The Children's Court deals with cases involving children, including child abuse, neglect, and custody disputes. It aims to protect the rights and welfare of children and ensure their best interests are upheld.

8. Anti-Corruption Court: The Anti-Corruption Court is dedicated to handling cases related to corruption and economic crimes. It aims to hold individuals and organizations accountable for corrupt practices and promote transparency and accountability in public institutions.

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