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Jan 16

Give a one page and one paragraph briefly summary of case to KWETU STORE?

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Jan 16
KWETU STORE is a case study that focuses on a small online retail business based in Kenya. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Jane and Peter, who aimed to provide a platform for local artisans to sell their handmade products. KWETU STORE started with a limited budget and faced various challenges in terms of marketing, logistics, and competition.

The case highlights the initial success of KWETU STORE, as it gained popularity among customers who appreciated the unique and authentic products offered. However, the company soon faced difficulties in scaling up its operations due to limited resources and a lack of expertise in areas such as digital marketing and supply chain management.

To overcome these challenges, Jane and Peter sought external help and collaborated with a digital marketing agency to improve their online presence and reach a wider customer base. They also worked on streamlining their supply chain by partnering with local courier services and implementing inventory management systems.

Despite these efforts, KWETU STORE continued to face intense competition from larger e-commerce platforms and struggled to maintain profitability. The case concludes with Jane and Peter contemplating various strategies to sustain and grow their business, including expanding their product range, exploring international markets, and seeking investment opportunities.

In summary, the KWETU STORE case study showcases the journey of a small online retail business in Kenya, highlighting the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a competitive market. It emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships, digital marketing, and efficient supply chain management for the success and growth of an e-commerce venture.

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