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ronalyn ermitano
Mar 30

Give an another example of speech/presentation outline?

Like in the picture, this is the another example?
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Mar 30
Sure! Here is another example of a speech/presentation outline:

I. Introduction
A. Attention grabber: Start with a shocking statistic or quote related to the topic
B. Thesis statement: Clearly state the main point or argument of the presentation
C. Preview of main points: Briefly outline the key points that will be covered in the presentation

II. Body
A. Point 1: Provide background information and evidence to support the first main point
1. Subpoint 1: Explain the first subpoint in detail
2. Subpoint 2: Provide examples or case studies to illustrate the subpoint
B. Point 2: Present the second main point and provide supporting evidence
1. Subpoint 1: Discuss the second subpoint and provide relevant data or research
2. Subpoint 2: Offer real-life examples or anecdotes to support the subpoint
C. Point 3: Introduce the third main point and provide evidence to back it up
1. Subpoint 1: Explain the third subpoint and provide relevant information
2. Subpoint 2: Share personal experiences or testimonials to reinforce the subpoint

III. Conclusion
A. Restate thesis: Summarize the main argument or point of the presentation
B. Review main points: Recap the key points covered in the presentation
C. Call to action: Encourage the audience to take a specific action or think differently about the topic
D. Closing statement: End with a memorable quote, question, or thought-provoking statement

IV. Q&A Session
A. Invite audience members to ask questions or share their thoughts on the topic
B. Respond to questions with clarity and provide additional information if needed
C. Thank the audience for their participation and engagement

This outline provides a clear structure for organizing and delivering a speech or presentation effectively.

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