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Feb 12

How do I distinguish a real interested woman from a catfish/scam when online dating?

A romance scam, also known as an online dating scam, is when a person gets tricked into believing they’re in a romantic relationship with someone they met online. In fact, their other half is a cybercriminal using a fake identity to gain enough of their victim’s trust to ask — or blackmail — them for money.

Some of the most common online dating scams include these:

Fake dating sites: Scam dating sites claim to be legitimate but are actually filled with scammers or
underpopulated. These websites are created to mine your information.

Photo scams: Scammers will convince the victim to send their personal information in exchange for intimate photos of the scammer.

Military romance scams: Scammer will pose as a military member likely deployed. They build trust by using military jargon and titles, then ask for money to cover military-related expenses, such as flights home.

Intimate activity scams: Scammer connects with the victim on multiple social media websites. Once they become closer, the scammer convinces the victim to undress and then threatens them with the recordings.

Code verification scams: Scammers will send a fake verification code through email or text, posing to be a dating app or website. Once the victim clicks on it, it will ask for their personal information, including Social Security Number and credit cards.

Inheritance scams: Scammers will make the victim believe they need to get married in order to get their inheritance. In this case, they will ask the victim to help pay for something like airfare.

One of the first giveaways of a romance scammer is their background. Fakers often pose as someone who is stationed abroad to create a reason for why they can't meet in person. Some common stories include:

They’re working on an oil rig.

They’re in the military and/or deployed overseas.

They’re a doctor in an international organization.

They’re working on a construction project outside the U.S.

Since their story is so interesting, be sure to keep a close eye on any inconsistencies in it.

Their profile seems too good to be true

A legitimate dating profile usually has plenty of photos of the person in different situations, with one or two that show the person's whole body, not just part of their face. The individual might also include links to their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

In contrast, a dating profile might be fake if the person doesn't list any details. Or maybe their interests and hobbies just about exactly match yours — the similarities might be too good to be true.

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You can know that your self, this is how you can know that, if she's asking for money through cryptocurrency that means she's a scam
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