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Mar 15

How does social media influence obedience ?

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Mar 15
Social media can influence obedience in several ways:

1. Social pressure: Social media platforms often create a sense of social pressure to conform to certain behaviors or beliefs. This can lead individuals to obey societal norms or expectations in order to fit in or gain approval from their peers.

2. Influence of authority figures: Social media influencers and celebrities often have a large following and can influence their followers to obey certain commands or instructions. People may feel compelled to obey these authority figures due to their perceived status and influence.

3. Information overload: Social media platforms bombard users with a constant stream of information and messages, which can overwhelm individuals and make them more likely to obey the loudest or most prominent voices on social media.

4. Confirmation bias: Social media algorithms often show users content that aligns with their existing beliefs and opinions, leading to confirmation bias. This can reinforce obedience to certain ideologies or viewpoints that are prevalent on social media.

5. Fear of missing out (FOMO): Social media can create a fear of missing out on social events, trends, or opportunities, leading individuals to obey social media trends or participate in activities in order to avoid feeling left out.

Overall, social media can influence obedience by shaping individuals' perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors through social pressure, authority figures, information overload, confirmation bias, and fear of missing out.

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