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How was Rajesh Hamal look like?

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Rajesh Hamal is a popular Nepalese actor known for his charming looks and charismatic personality. He has a tall and handsome appearance with a well-built physique. He is often seen with a stylish haircut and a well-groomed beard. Rajesh Hamal is considered a heartthrob in Nepal and has a large fan following due to his good looks and acting talent.
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Rajesh Hamal is known for his charming and handsome appearance, which has made him a popular leading man in Nepali cinema for over three decades.

Physical Attributes:

- Height: Around 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
- Weight: Approximately 75-80 kilograms (165-176 pounds)
- Build: Athletic and muscular
- Hair: Dark brown, often styled in a neat and slicked-back manner
- Eyes: Prominent, piercing dark brown eyes
- Skin tone: Fair

Facial Features:

- Face shape: Oval
- Jawline: Strong and angular
- Nose: Straight and well-defined
- Lips: Full and well-shaped
- Smile: Radiant and charming


- Hamal is known for his impeccable style and grooming. He often wears tailored suits or formal attire, showcasing his sophistication and elegance.
- He is also known for his signature sunglasses, which add a touch of mystery and intrigue to his persona.

Overall Appearance:

Rajesh Hamal is widely regarded as one of the most handsome and charismatic actors in Nepal. His combination of rugged good looks, piercing eyes, and charming smile has made him a popular icon and heartthrob among audiences of all ages.

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