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# identify ten 10 types of computer virus ?

Types of computer virus?
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Jan 18
1. Trojan Horse: A type of virus that disguises itself as a legitimate program but actually performs malicious actions, such as stealing personal information or damaging files.

2. Worm: A self-replicating virus that spreads across networks and systems, often causing significant damage by consuming system resources or deleting files.

3. Ransomware: A virus that encrypts files on a victim's computer and demands a ransom in exchange for the decryption key.

4. Spyware: A virus that secretly collects information about a user's activities, such as browsing habits or login credentials, and sends it to a third party without the user's consent.

5. Adware: A virus that displays unwanted advertisements or redirects a user's browser to specific websites, often generating revenue for the attacker.

6. Rootkit: A virus that gains unauthorized access to a computer system and hides its presence, allowing an attacker to control the system remotely.

7. Keylogger: A virus that records keystrokes on a computer, capturing sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal messages.

8. Botnet: A virus that infects multiple computers and creates a network of compromised machines, which can be controlled remotely by an attacker to perform malicious activities, such as launching DDoS attacks.

9. File Infector: A virus that infects executable files, spreading when the infected file is executed, and can modify or corrupt other files on the system.

10. Polymorphic Virus: A virus that can change its code or signature to avoid detection by antivirus software, making it difficult to identify and remove.
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