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Mar 24

Indoor activities about transport ?

Indoor activities about transport
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Mar 24
1. Build a model train set or race track and have races with toy cars or trains.
2. Create a cardboard box car and have a pretend drive-in movie night with a projector.
3. Set up a transportation-themed scavenger hunt around the house, looking for items related to different modes of transport.
4. Have a paper airplane making competition and see whose plane can fly the farthest.
5. Create a DIY hot air balloon using a large balloon and a basket, and have it "fly" around the room.
6. Set up a mini car wash station with toy cars and water, soap, and sponges.
7. Play a game of charades with transportation-themed prompts, such as "riding a bicycle" or "driving a bus."
8. Build a cardboard box train or bus and have a pretend journey around the house, stopping at different "stations" along the way.
9. Create a transportation-themed obstacle course using pillows, chairs, and other household items to navigate around.
10. Have a virtual tour of different transportation museums or exhibits online, learning about the history and evolution of different modes of transport.

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