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Lydia Chepengat
Mar 21

Integrate the core competencies, values and pci in assessment task ?

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Mar 21
In order to integrate the core competencies, values, and PCI (Professional and Ethical Compliance Issues) in an assessment task, it is important to align the task with the specific competencies and values that are relevant to the profession or field of study.

For example, if the assessment task involves conducting a case study in a counseling or social work setting, the core competencies of effective communication, empathy, and cultural competence would be essential to consider. The values of respect for diversity, social justice, and ethical practice would also need to be integrated into the assessment task.

Additionally, the assessment task should address any potential PCI issues that may arise in the context of the task. This could include issues related to confidentiality, boundaries, and professional conduct. Students should be required to demonstrate an understanding of these issues and how they would handle them in a real-world setting.

Overall, integrating core competencies, values, and PCI in an assessment task ensures that students are not only demonstrating their knowledge and skills, but also their ability to apply ethical principles and professional standards in their practice.

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