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Lavender Ndlovu
Apr 16

Introduction of seven C's as a principle of effective communication? ?

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Apr 16
The seven C's of communication are a set of principles that can help individuals communicate effectively in various situations. These principles are clarity, conciseness, coherence, consistency, correctness, consideration, and completeness.

1. Clarity: Communication should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or complex language that may confuse the recipient.

2. Conciseness: Keep your message brief and to the point. Avoid unnecessary details or information that may distract from the main point.

3. Coherence: Ensure that your message is logical and flows smoothly. Make sure that all points are connected and relevant to the overall message.

4. Consistency: Maintain a consistent tone and style throughout your communication. This helps to build trust and credibility with the recipient.

5. Correctness: Check for spelling and grammar errors to ensure that your message is professional and accurate. Incorrect information can lead to misunderstandings and confusion.

6. Consideration: Consider the needs and perspectives of the recipient when communicating. Show empathy and respect for their feelings and opinions.

7. Completeness: Provide all necessary information and details in your communication. Make sure that the recipient has everything they need to understand the message and take appropriate action.

By following these seven C's of communication, individuals can improve their ability to convey their message effectively and build stronger relationships with others.

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