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Tumwine Godfrey
Mar 11

Life processes of living organisms?

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Mar 11
Living organisms carry out various life processes to maintain their existence and function properly. These life processes include:

1. Nutrition: Living organisms obtain and process food to provide energy for growth, repair, and maintenance of their bodies.

2. Respiration: Living organisms take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide as a byproduct to produce energy through cellular respiration.

3. Circulation: Living organisms transport nutrients, gases, and waste products throughout their bodies using a circulatory system.

4. Excretion: Living organisms eliminate waste products and excess substances from their bodies to maintain internal balance.

5. Growth: Living organisms increase in size and develop new cells to replace old or damaged ones.

6. Reproduction: Living organisms produce offspring to ensure the continuation of their species.

7. Response: Living organisms respond to stimuli from their environment through sensory organs and nervous systems.

8. Movement: Living organisms exhibit various forms of movement, such as locomotion, to interact with their environment and carry out essential functions.

These life processes are essential for the survival and functioning of living organisms.
Mar 12
Growth excretion circulation blood circulation etc

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