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Nov 9, 2023

List four functions of ear wax?

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Nov 9, 2023
1. Lubrication: Ear wax, also known as cerumen, helps to lubricate and moisturize the ear canal, preventing it from becoming dry and itchy.

2. Protection: Ear wax acts as a protective barrier, trapping dust, dirt, and other foreign particles that may enter the ear. It helps to prevent these particles from reaching the delicate structures of the inner ear, reducing the risk of infection or damage.

3. Self-cleaning: The sticky consistency of ear wax helps to trap dead skin cells and debris, which gradually moves outwards towards the ear opening. This self-cleaning mechanism helps to remove excess wax and maintain a healthy ear canal.

4. Antibacterial properties: Ear wax contains antimicrobial properties that help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in the ear canal. This helps to prevent infections and maintain the overall health of the ear.
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