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Deborah Kitsi
Mar 17

List six key features of autism?

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Mar 17
1. Impaired social interaction: Individuals with autism may have difficulty understanding and responding to social cues, making it challenging for them to form and maintain relationships.

2. Communication difficulties: Many individuals with autism have difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication, such as understanding and using language, gestures, and facial expressions.

3. Repetitive behaviors: People with autism often engage in repetitive behaviors or routines, such as hand-flapping, rocking, or repeating the same phrases.

4. Sensory sensitivities: Individuals with autism may be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to sensory stimuli, such as lights, sounds, textures, or smells.

5. Difficulty with change: People with autism may struggle with changes in routine or unexpected events, leading to anxiety or distress.

6. Special interests: Many individuals with autism have intense interests in specific topics or activities, often focusing on a narrow range of subjects.

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