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Lakshay Ranga
Jan 17

List source of noise pollution in your surroundings?

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Jan 17
1. Traffic noise from cars, motorcycles, and trucks
2. Construction and demolition activities
3. Airplanes and helicopters flying overhead
4. Industrial machinery and equipment
5. Loud music from bars, clubs, and parties
6. Barking dogs and other animal noises
7. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor equipment
8. Public transportation vehicles like buses and trains
9. Emergency sirens from police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks
10. Outdoor events and festivals with amplified sound systems
11. Noise from nearby schools, playgrounds, and sports facilities
12. Restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating areas
13. Noise from neighbors, such as loud conversations or music
14. Construction of buildings and infrastructure
15. Street vendors and hawkers with loudspeakers.

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