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Mar 13

List the steps of one on on training?

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Mar 13
1. Set clear objectives and goals for the training session.
2. Prepare materials and resources needed for the training.
3. Create a comfortable and conducive environment for learning.
4. Introduce yourself and establish rapport with the trainee.
5. Explain the purpose and agenda of the training session.
6. Present the information or skills to be learned in a clear and organized manner.
7. Provide opportunities for the trainee to ask questions and seek clarification.
8. Demonstrate the skills or tasks to be learned and provide examples.
9. Allow the trainee to practice and apply the new knowledge or skills.
10. Provide feedback and guidance to help the trainee improve.
11. Review and summarize key points covered in the training session.
12. Set goals and action steps for the trainee to continue practicing and improving.
13. Follow up with the trainee to provide additional support and feedback as needed.

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