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Apr 9

Management must be looked as a system.Explain?

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Apr 9
Management can be viewed as a system because it involves a series of interconnected and interdependent processes that work together to achieve organizational goals. Just like a system, management has inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback loops.

Inputs in management include resources such as human capital, financial capital, technology, and information. These inputs are then processed through various management functions such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These processes are interconnected and interdependent, meaning that changes in one area of management can impact other areas.

The outputs of the management system are the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. These outputs are measured and evaluated through feedback loops, which provide information on the effectiveness of the management processes and allow for adjustments and improvements to be made.

By viewing management as a system, organizations can better understand the complexity and interconnectedness of management processes and functions. This systems thinking approach can help organizations to improve their overall performance and achieve their strategic objectives.

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