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Gisiri Stephen
Apr 17

Marxist neo modernist theories roles in the study of modern governments in Africa?

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Apr 17
Marxist neo-modernist theories play a significant role in the study of modern governments in Africa by providing a critical lens through which to analyze the political, economic, and social structures in the continent. These theories emphasize the importance of understanding the historical context of colonialism and imperialism in shaping the current state of African governments.

One key aspect of Marxist neo-modernist theories is their focus on the role of capitalism and globalization in perpetuating inequality and exploitation in African societies. They argue that the capitalist system has led to the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few elite individuals and multinational corporations, while the majority of the population struggles to meet their basic needs.

Additionally, Marxist neo-modernist theories highlight the ways in which African governments have been complicit in perpetuating these inequalities through corrupt practices, authoritarian rule, and neoliberal economic policies that prioritize the interests of foreign investors over the needs of the local population.

By applying Marxist neo-modernist theories to the study of modern governments in Africa, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of the structural forces at play in shaping political decision-making, resource allocation, and social policies. This can help to inform strategies for promoting social justice, economic development, and democratic governance in the region.

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