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Maturity indices in garden peas?

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1. Seed coat color: As garden peas mature, the seed coat color changes from green to yellow or tan.

2. Pod color: The pod color of garden peas also changes as they mature, typically turning from green to yellow or brown.

3. Pod texture: The texture of the pod becomes more fibrous and tough as the peas mature.

4. Seed size: The size of the peas increases as they mature, becoming plumper and more rounded.

5. Sugar content: The sugar content of garden peas increases as they mature, leading to a sweeter taste.

6. Starch content: The starch content of garden peas decreases as they mature, resulting in a softer texture.

7. Pod firmness: The firmness of the pod decreases as the peas mature, becoming more pliable and easier to open.

8. Pod length: The length of the pod may increase as the peas mature, depending on the variety.

9. Pod shape: The shape of the pod may change as the peas mature, becoming more rounded or elongated.

10. Harvest time: Garden peas are typically harvested when they reach full maturity, which is indicated by a combination of the above indices.
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Physiological Maturity

- Seed dry weight: Indicates that seeds have reached maximum dry matter accumulation.
- Moisture content: Seeds have low moisture content (below 15%).
- Germination percentage: Seeds have high germination capacity (above 90%).

Morphological Maturity

- Seed size and shape: Seeds have reached their full size and shape.
- Seed color: Seeds develop characteristic colors (e.g., yellow, green, purple).
- Seed hardness: Seeds become hard and wrinkled.
- Pod color: Pods turn yellow or brown and become dry.
- Pod texture: Pods become papery or parchment-like.

Other Indices

- Days from planting: Number of days elapsed since planting to maturity.
- Heat units: Number of heat units accumulated over the growing season.
- Pod length: Length of pods when they reach maturity.
- Number of seeds per pod: Number of seeds produced in each pod.

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