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Feb 20

Meaning of workmanship and phrases used?

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Feb 20
Workmanship refers to the skill and quality of work done by a person or a team in a particular trade or craft. It is often used to describe the level of skill, attention to detail, and precision that goes into creating a product or completing a task.

Phrases commonly used with workmanship include:

1. "The workmanship on this piece is exceptional." - This phrase is used to praise the high level of skill and quality that went into creating a particular item.

2. "The workmanship is shoddy." - This phrase is used to criticize poor quality or lack of attention to detail in a product or task.

3. "The workmanship of the carpenter is evident in the fine details of the furniture." - This phrase highlights the skill and craftsmanship of a particular individual in their work.

4. "The workmanship of the artist is unparalleled." - This phrase is used to emphasize the unique and exceptional skill of an artist in their craft.

5. "The workmanship of the team was evident in the flawless execution of the project." - This phrase praises the collaborative effort and skill of a team in completing a task with precision and quality.

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