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Mar 27
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Mar 27
1. Memorization: The speaker memorizes their speech word for word and delivers it without referring to notes or a script.

2. Impromptu: The speaker delivers a speech without any prior preparation or planning. This can be challenging but can also showcase the speaker's ability to think on their feet.

3. Extemporaneous: The speaker has prepared and practiced their speech in advance but delivers it in a more conversational and natural manner, without reading from a script.

4. Manuscript: The speaker reads their speech word for word from a written script or teleprompter. This method ensures accuracy but can come across as less engaging.

5. Visual aids: The speaker uses visual aids such as slides, props, or videos to enhance their speech and help convey their message more effectively.

6. Interactive: The speaker engages the audience by asking questions, encouraging participation, or incorporating activities into their speech.

7. Storytelling: The speaker uses storytelling techniques to convey their message in a more engaging and memorable way.

8. Persuasive: The speaker uses persuasive techniques such as emotional appeals, logic, and evidence to convince the audience of their viewpoint.

9. Informative: The speaker presents factual information in a clear and organized manner to educate the audience on a particular topic.

10. Humorous: The speaker incorporates humor and wit into their speech to entertain the audience and make their message more engaging.

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