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Motion state that bride price should be abolished in Tanzania?


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I believe that bride price should be abolished in Tanzania. This practice perpetuates the idea that women are commodities to be bought and sold, and reinforces harmful gender stereotypes. It also places a financial burden on families and can lead to exploitation and abuse of women. Abolishing bride price would promote gender equality and respect for women's autonomy and dignity.
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Motion: Bride Price Should Be Abolished in Tanzania


Bride price, the practice of paying a sum of money or goods from the groom's family to the bride's family, is deeply rooted in Tanzanian culture. However, it is a custom that has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, with many arguing that it is an outdated and oppressive practice that perpetuates gender inequality. This motion proposes the abolition of bride price in Tanzania, arguing that it is a harmful and discriminatory tradition that has no place in a modern and progressive society.

Arguments in Favor of Abolition

- Perpetuates Gender Inequality: Bride price reinforces the notion that women are property to be bought and sold. It reduces them to commodities, undermining their agency and autonomy. By abolishing bride price, we can challenge these patriarchal values and promote gender equality.

- Exploitation of Women: Bride price can be a financial burden for poor families, who may be forced to sell assets or take on debt to meet the exorbitant demands. This can lead to the exploitation of women, as families see them as a source of income.

- Restricts Women's Freedom of Choice: Bride price gives the bride's family excessive control over her marriage. It can prevent women from marrying the person they love or block them from pursuing education or careers. By removing this impediment, we can empower women to make choices that are in their best interests.

- Creates Division: Bride price can create conflict and division within families and communities. Disputes over the amount or form of payment can lead to strained relationships and even violence. Abolishing bride price would help foster unity and harmony.

Arguments Against Abolition

- Cultural Heritage: Bride price is a deeply ingrained tradition in Tanzanian society. Many argue that abolishing it would be disrespectful of cultural heritage and would undermine the importance of marriage.

- Economic Importance: Bride price serves as an economic transaction that provides financial support to the bride's family. Abolishing it could deprive families of this source of income.

- Responsibility and Commitment: Some view bride price as a symbol of the groom's responsibility and commitment to the bride and her family. They argue that its abolition would weaken the sense of obligation between the two families.

Rebuttal to Arguments Against Abolition

- Cultural Heritage: While respecting tradition is important, harmful practices should not be perpetuated in the name of heritage. Modern societies must evolve and challenge outdated customs that undermine human rights.

- Economic Importance: The government and other organizations can provide alternative forms of financial support to families without resorting to harmful practices like bride price.

- Responsibility and Commitment: True responsibility and commitment should be based on love, trust, and respect, not on monetary transactions. Marriage should be a partnership of equals, not a power imbalance.


Bride price is a regressive custom that has no place in a modern and just society. It perpetuates gender inequality, exploits women, restricts their freedom of choice, and creates division. By abolishing bride price, Tanzania can take a bold step towards creating a more equitable, progressive, and respectful nation. This motion urges the government and society at large to work tirelessly towards the elimination of this harmful practice and to ensure that all individuals, regardless of gender, enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

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