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Apr 15

Outline the functions at access and agress control points?

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Apr 15
Access control points:

1. Verify identity: Access control points verify the identity of individuals seeking entry by checking identification cards, badges, or biometric information.

2. Grant or deny access: Based on the verification of identity, access control points grant or deny entry to individuals. This helps ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed access to the facility.

3. Monitor entry and exit: Access control points monitor the movement of individuals entering and exiting the facility to track who is on-site at any given time.

4. Enforce security policies: Access control points enforce security policies by ensuring that individuals comply with rules and regulations, such as wearing identification badges or following specific entry procedures.

5. Record access events: Access control points record access events, including the time and identity of individuals entering and exiting the facility. This information can be used for auditing purposes or investigations.

Aggress control points:

1. Detect threats: Aggress control points are equipped with sensors and surveillance equipment to detect potential threats, such as weapons or suspicious behavior.

2. Respond to threats: In the event of a detected threat, aggress control points are responsible for responding quickly and effectively to neutralize the threat and protect individuals within the facility.

3. Coordinate emergency response: Aggress control points work closely with security personnel and emergency responders to coordinate a rapid and coordinated response to threats or emergencies.

4. Communicate with authorities: Aggress control points communicate with law enforcement and other authorities to provide information about the nature of the threat and assist in resolving the situation.

5. Implement security measures: Aggress control points may implement additional security measures, such as lockdown procedures or evacuation protocols, to ensure the safety of individuals within the facility.

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