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Mar 15

Questions of home science and answers ?

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Mar 15
1. What is home science?

Home science is a field of study that focuses on various aspects of home management, including nutrition, clothing and textiles, child development, family relationships, and household economics.

2. Why is home science important?

Home science is important because it equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage their homes and families. It also helps individuals make informed decisions about nutrition, health, and other aspects of daily life.

3. What are some career options in home science?

Some career options in home science include nutritionist, dietitian, family therapist, interior designer, fashion designer, and child development specialist.

4. How can home science benefit families?

Home science can benefit families by teaching them how to create a healthy and nurturing environment, manage household finances effectively, and improve relationships within the family.

5. What are some basic principles of home science?

Some basic principles of home science include understanding the needs of individuals within the family, promoting healthy living through proper nutrition and exercise, and creating a harmonious and supportive home environment.
Isra Ibrahim Adan
Mar 15
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