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Quotations that Anchises told Aeneas in underworld about Augustus Caesar?

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1. "Behold the man, the destined lord of Rome, Augustus Caesar, son of the deified Julius, who shall bring an age of gold to Latium, an age of peace and prosperity."

2. "Under his rule, Rome shall rise to new heights of power and glory, and the world shall know the Pax Romana, a time of peace and stability that shall endure for centuries."

3. "Augustus Caesar, the chosen one of the gods, shall be the founder of a new empire, a new Rome that shall stretch from the shores of the Mediterranean to the ends of the earth."

4. "His name shall be revered and feared by all, for he shall be a ruler like no other, wise and just, a true son of Rome and a true son of the gods."

5. "In his hands, the fate of Rome and the fate of the world shall be secure, for he shall be the one who brings order out of chaos, who brings light out of darkness, who brings peace out of war."
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- "Behold him there, and fix on that face your eager eyes—your own Roman, your own Caesar, he who shall raise our fallen race to heaven, and bid us live in glory through the ages."
- "He is the man who shall establish a golden age in Latium, and extend the reign of peace from sea to sea, from pole to pole."
- "His name shall be Augustus, and his power shall be like that of Jupiter."
- "He shall make war on all the nations of the earth, and conquer them all."
- "He shall bring back the Golden Age, and under his rule there shall be no more war or poverty or sickness."

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