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Charity Marange
Dec 9, 2023

React to the view that heritage management in Africa began with the advent of colonialism?


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Dec 9, 2023
The view that heritage management in Africa began with the advent of colonialism is a limited and inaccurate perspective. While it is true that colonial powers played a significant role in shaping heritage management practices in Africa, it is important to recognize that African societies had their own rich and diverse heritage management systems long before colonialism.

Africa is home to a vast array of cultures, each with its own unique heritage management practices. These practices were deeply rooted in the traditions, beliefs, and values of African communities. They encompassed various aspects such as oral traditions, rituals, ceremonies, sacred sites, art, architecture, and cultural landscapes. African societies had well-established mechanisms to transmit knowledge, preserve cultural practices, and manage their heritage for future generations.

Colonialism, however, brought significant changes to Africa's heritage management. European powers often disregarded or actively suppressed African heritage practices, considering them primitive or inferior. They imposed their own systems of heritage management, which were often based on Western concepts and values. This led to the marginalization, erasure, and destruction of many aspects of African heritage.

Furthermore, colonial powers exploited Africa's cultural heritage for their own benefit. They looted and plundered valuable artifacts, which were then displayed in European museums or sold on the international art market. This cultural theft resulted in a significant loss of African heritage and continues to be a contentious issue today.

In recent decades, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of African heritage and the need for its preservation and management. African countries and communities have been actively reclaiming their heritage, revitalizing traditional practices, and developing their own approaches to heritage management. Efforts are being made to repatriate stolen artifacts, establish museums and cultural centers, and involve local communities in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, while colonialism did have a profound impact on heritage management in Africa, it is crucial to acknowledge that African societies had their own well-established systems long before colonial powers arrived. Recognizing and valuing Africa's pre-colonial heritage management practices is essential for a more comprehensive understanding of African history, culture, and identity.
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