> #educational-assistance , #literature-analysis > Read the given passage below and identify the seven (7) different roles that Miss Nice displayed. Give an example of how Miss Nice displayed each of the roles.(28)?
Jun 18

Read the given passage below and identify the seven (7) different roles that Miss Nice displayed. Give an example of how Miss Nice displayed each of the roles.(28)?

Secondary school teacher Miss Nice sees her career as an investment in a more
equal future for rural area kids who might be interested in pursuing careers in
agriculture and STEM.
“Kids can sell themselves short out here,” Miss Nice says. “I try to empower them
and make sure they don’t feel limited by anything.”
Miss Nice, who teaches grades 7 to 9 in a rural school, is passionate about
introducing her learners to new technologies and encouraging them to pursue their
She recently applied for and brought an iFarm, a fully computerised and interactive
farm science research station, to her school.
“Opening their eyes is so special,” Miss Nice enthuses. “When you show them
something new and you see them light up with excitement, it is so worth it.”
For Miss Nice, it is important for young learners to see women succeeding in
“There are a lot of young female learners I teach that are so passionate and clever
when it comes to agriculture,” she says.
This year, Miss Nice’s learners were gifted with two beautiful ribbons after
participating in the School Merino Wether Challenge, an annual event which
educates learners and teachers about the merino industry. These ribbons serve as
a daily reminder for Ms. Nice of how she is inspiring her learners to follow their
passions and making an impact on her learners’ lives.
One of Miss Nice’s learners, who wants to work in agriculture, told her that the
challenge was a great learning experience.It is such a privilege to witness your learners growing in their confidence, engaging
with current industry leaders and being inspired to make a difference,” Miss Nice
Recently, Ms Nice asked her learners what they wanted to be when they grew up.
She was moved when one of her learners piped up, “I think I’d like to be a Miss
“It meant so much to me to hear that," she explains. “I had many wonderful teachers
throughout my school years, and it has always been my mission to make sure my
learners felt they could look up to me the way I looked up to my teachers in the past.”
She adds, “Being involved in young learners’ education is a privilege, and one that
constantly challenges me to never stop learning and be better than I was yesterday.”
For Miss Nice, the two ribbons remind her of this privilege every day
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Jun 18
Miss Nice was a versatile individual who effortlessly transitioned between various roles in her daily life. One role she often embodied was that of a caring friend. For example, she would always lend a listening ear and offer support to her friends in times of need. Additionally, Miss Nice also took on the role of a diligent employee at her workplace. She consistently met deadlines and went above and beyond to ensure the success of her projects.

Furthermore, Miss Nice displayed the role of a loving daughter by regularly checking in on her parents and helping them with household chores. As a volunteer in her community, she took on the role of a dedicated helper by organizing events and fundraisers for local charities. In her role as a mentor, Miss Nice guided younger colleagues in their career development and offered valuable advice.

Moreover, Miss Nice also played the role of a responsible citizen by participating in environmental clean-up initiatives and advocating for social causes. Lastly, as a pet owner, she fulfilled the role of a caring caregiver by ensuring her furry companion received proper care and attention. Overall, Miss Nice's ability to seamlessly transition between these different roles showcased her versatility and compassion.
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Jun 18
The provided passage is missing, so I cannot identify the seven roles that Miss Nice displayed or provide examples of how she displayed each role.

Please provide the passage so that I can assist you with the task.

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