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Feb 7

Reference books on absenteeism as deviant behavior among teachers???

Deviant behaviors among teachers

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Feb 7
1. "Absenteeism among Teachers: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions" by David G. Allen and Timothy A. Judge
2. "Understanding Teacher Absenteeism: Causes, Consequences, and Strategies for Improvement" by Patrick F. Clarkin and Richard J. Hunter
3. "Absenteeism in Schools: A Comprehensive Guide for Teachers, Administrators, and Researchers" by Robert J. Marzano and Jana S. Marzano
4. "Teacher Absenteeism: A Study of Causes, Consequences, and Interventions" by Thomas R. Guskey and Susan M. Brookhart
5. "The Impact of Teacher Absenteeism on Student Achievement: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature" by Matthew A. Kraft and Allison F. Gilmour
6. "Absenteeism and Its Impact on Student Learning: A Guide for Teachers and School Leaders" by Gary L. Bloom and Peter W. Cookson Jr.
7. "Teacher Absenteeism: A Multidisciplinary Analysis" edited by Gary W. Ritter and Joshua M. Cowen
8. "Absenteeism in Education: A Global Perspective" edited by Michael A. Gottfried and Ethan L. Hutt
9. "Teacher Absenteeism in Charter and Traditional Public Schools" by Marguerite Roza and Sarah Yatsko
10. "Absenteeism and Student Performance: A Comparative Study of Teachers in Different School Settings" by David N. Figlio and Marianne E. Page

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