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Reference list on theory of innovation? ?

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1. Christensen, C. M. (1997). The innovator's dilemma: When new technologies cause great firms to fail. Harvard Business Review Press.

2. Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of innovations. Simon and Schuster.

3. Chesbrough, H. (2003). Open innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology. Harvard Business Press.

4. Tidd, J., Bessant, J., & Pavitt, K. (2005). Managing innovation: Integrating technological, market and organizational change. John Wiley & Sons.

5. Dosi, G. (1988). Sources, procedures, and microeconomic effects of innovation. Journal of Economic Literature, 1120-1171.

6. Schumpeter, J. A. (1934). The theory of economic development: An inquiry into profits, capital, credit, interest, and the business cycle. Harvard University Press.

7. Teece, D. J. (2010). Business models, business strategy and innovation. Long range planning, 43(2-3), 172-194.

8. Von Hippel, E. (1988). The sources of innovation. Oxford University Press.

9. Chesbrough, H. W., Vanhaverbeke, W., & West, J. (Eds.). (2006). Open innovation: Researching a new paradigm. Oxford University Press.

10. Utterback, J. M., & Abernathy, W. J. (1975). A dynamic model of process and product innovation. Omega, 3(6), 639-656.

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