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References work on colonial policies affecting education. ?

References  work on colonial policies affecting education.
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1. Anderson, B. (2006). Imagined communities: Reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism. Verso Books.

2. Apple, M. W. (2004). Ideology and curriculum. Routledge.

3. Ball, S. J. (1994). Education reform: A critical and post-structural approach. Open University Press.

4. Freire, P. (1970). Pedagogy of the oppressed. Continuum.

5. Giroux, H. A. (1983). Theory and resistance in education: A pedagogy for the opposition. Bergin & Garvey.

6. Said, E. W. (1978). Orientalism. Vintage Books.

7. Smith, L. T. (1999). Decolonizing methodologies: Research and indigenous peoples. Zed Books.

8. Stoler, A. L. (2002). Carnal knowledge and imperial power: Race and the intimate in colonial rule. University of California Press.

9. Tlostanova, M. V., & Mignolo, W. D. (2012). Learning to unlearn: Decolonial reflections from Eurasia and the Americas. Ohio University Press.

10. Young, M. F. D. (2008). Bringing knowledge back in: From social constructivism to social realism in the sociology of education. Routledge.
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Scholarly Books:

- Education and Empire: The History and Legacy of British Imperial Education by David Phillips (2017)
- Colonial Policy and African Education in British West Africa: A Study of Educational Development in the Gold Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia by F. H. Hill (1972)
- Colonialism and Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature by Emily Southgate (2018)
- Pedagogy of Empire: Mission Education and Colonial Transformation in India and Southeast Asia by Nicholas Dirk (2019)
- Education in Colonial Africa by Philip Foster (2006)

Academic Articles:

- "The Impact of Colonial Policies on Education in Africa" by Tunde Awosanmi (2014)
- "Education and the Formation of Colonial Subjects: A Case Study of Northern Zambia, 1920-1964" by Aaron Iverson (2018)
- "Colonial Education Policy and the Production of African Elites in Kenya, 1905-1963" by Grace Katasi (2015)
- "Missionary Education in Colonial Kenya: A Comparative Study of the Alliance Girls High School and the Tumutumu Girls High School, 1925-1975" by George Karugu (2017)
- "The Legacy of Colonial Education in Post-Independence Nigeria" by Adebayo Olukoshi and Joseph Akoh (2016)

Government Reports and Policy Documents:

- Report of the Phelps-Stokes Commission on Education in Africa (1922)
- Memorandum on Education in Africa by the British Colonial Office (1935)
- The Colonial Education Policy: A Framework for Action by the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (1953)
- Education for Self-Government by the Gold Coast Colony (1951)
- The Johnston Report on Education in Nyasaland (1944)

Other Resources:

- The National Archives (UK): Colonial Office Records (https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/334d2d96-8333-44e0-b0e5-25a6de2cf1be)
- Online Encyclopedia of Education: Colonialism and Education (https://wiki.education.com/Colonialism_and_Education)
- The Colonial Era Education in Africa: A Resource Guide by the African Studies Center, Boston University (https://www.bu.edu/africa/research-projects/education-colonial-africa/)

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