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Tumwine Godfrey
Mar 13

Roles of chartered companies in the colonisation of East Africa?


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Mar 13
1. Economic exploitation: Chartered companies played a significant role in the economic exploitation of East Africa by establishing trade routes, extracting natural resources, and establishing plantations for cash crops such as coffee, tea, and rubber.

2. Infrastructure development: Chartered companies were responsible for the construction of infrastructure such as roads, railways, and ports, which facilitated the movement of goods and people within the region and connected East Africa to global markets.

3. Administration and governance: Chartered companies often acted as de facto governments in the territories they controlled, establishing administrative structures, collecting taxes, and enforcing laws. This helped to establish a sense of order and stability in the region.

4. Encouragement of settlement: Chartered companies encouraged European settlement in East Africa by offering land grants and other incentives to European settlers. This led to the displacement of indigenous populations and the establishment of European-dominated settlements.

5. Promotion of European culture and values: Chartered companies played a role in promoting European culture and values in East Africa through the establishment of schools, churches, and other institutions that promoted European languages, religions, and customs.

6. Conflict and resistance: The activities of chartered companies often led to conflict and resistance from indigenous populations who were displaced, exploited, or marginalized by the companies' activities. This resistance sometimes led to violent conflicts and uprisings against the companies and their European backers.

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