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Feb 21

Set multiple choice questions on Achievements of Abubakar?

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Feb 21
1. What was one of Abubakar's greatest achievements as the first Khalifah?
A. Establishing the first Islamic empire
B. Conquering the Byzantine Empire
C. Uniting the Arabian Peninsula under Islam
D. Building the first mosque in Mecca

2. How did Abubakar handle the Ridda Wars during his reign as Khalifah?
A. He successfully defeated all rebellious tribes and maintained unity within the Islamic community
B. He negotiated peace treaties with the rebellious tribes and avoided further bloodshed
C. He was unable to quell the rebellions and faced internal strife throughout his reign
D. He relied on military force to suppress the rebellions, leading to widespread destruction

3. What was Abubakar's role in compiling the Quran during his time as Khalifah?
A. He personally oversaw the compilation and preservation of the Quran
B. He appointed a committee to compile the Quran under his supervision
C. He left the compilation of the Quran to individual scholars and did not intervene
D. He did not play a significant role in the compilation of the Quran

4. How did Abubakar contribute to the spread of Islam during his reign as Khalifah?
A. He sent missionaries to neighboring regions to spread the message of Islam
B. He led military campaigns to conquer new territories and spread Islam by force
C. He established trade routes that facilitated the exchange of ideas and religious beliefs
D. He promoted religious tolerance and encouraged peaceful coexistence with non-Muslim communities

5. What was Abubakar's approach to governance and administration as the first Khalifah?
A. He centralized power and authority in the hands of the Khalifah
B. He delegated authority to regional governors and administrators to manage local affairs
C. He relied on tribal leaders to maintain order and stability within the Islamic community
D. He implemented a democratic system of governance with elected representatives from each tribe.

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