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Feb 21

Set multiple choice questions on the importance of Qur'an?

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Feb 21
1. What is the significance of the Qur'an in Islam?
A. It is a historical document
B. It is a guide for moral and ethical behavior
C. It is a collection of poetry
D. It is a book of laws

2. How is the Qur'an viewed by Muslims?
A. As a book of myths and legends
B. As a source of entertainment
C. As the literal word of God
D. As a work of fiction

3. Why is the Qur'an considered the ultimate authority in Islam?
A. Because it was written by the Prophet Muhammad
B. Because it contains stories of ancient civilizations
C. Because it is believed to be the literal word of God
D. Because it is a collection of wise sayings

4. How do Muslims believe the Qur'an was revealed?
A. Through dreams and visions
B. Through the Prophet Muhammad
C. Through a series of miracles
D. Through ancient manuscripts

5. What role does the Qur'an play in the daily lives of Muslims?
A. It is only read during religious ceremonies
B. It is consulted for guidance on all aspects of life
C. It is used as a historical reference
D. It is considered irrelevant in modern society.

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