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Tumsime Godfrey
Mar 27

Seven difference between debate and speech. ?

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Mar 27
1. Purpose: The main purpose of a debate is to present arguments and counterarguments on a specific topic, while the main purpose of a speech is to inform, persuade, or entertain an audience.

2. Structure: A debate typically involves multiple speakers presenting arguments and rebuttals in a structured format, while a speech is usually delivered by a single speaker in a more linear format.

3. Interaction: In a debate, speakers often engage in direct interaction with each other through rebuttals and cross-examinations, while a speech is typically delivered without interruption.

4. Audience engagement: Debates often involve audience participation through questions, comments, or voting, while speeches are usually delivered to a passive audience.

5. Time limit: Debates are usually timed to ensure that each speaker has an equal opportunity to present their arguments, while speeches may vary in length depending on the context.

6. Preparation: Debaters typically prepare arguments and rebuttals in advance, while speakers may rely more on improvisation or memorization.

7. Outcome: In a debate, the outcome is often determined by a panel of judges or audience vote, while the success of a speech is typically measured by the audience's response or the speaker's ability to achieve their intended goal.

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