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Mar 6

Short story for elementary? With climax, theme and etc?

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Mar 6
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to explore the forest near her house. One day, while wandering through the trees, she stumbled upon a magical fairy who was trapped in a spider's web.

Lily quickly ran to the fairy's aid and used her tiny scissors to cut the fairy free. The fairy was so grateful that she granted Lily three wishes as a reward for her kindness.

For her first wish, Lily asked for a never-ending supply of her favorite candy. For her second wish, she asked for the ability to fly like a bird. And for her final wish, she asked for the forest to always be a safe and happy place for all creatures.

The fairy granted all of Lily's wishes, and from that day on, Lily spent her days soaring through the treetops, sharing her candy with the animals, and spreading joy and happiness throughout the forest.

And so, Lily and the fairy became the best of friends, and their adventures in the enchanted forest continued for many years to come.

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