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Leo Jackson
more than 4 weeks ago

How to recover stolen Bitcoin funds and other cryptocurrency digital assets?

I was unlucky to invest with a fake crypto currency investment company that claimed to trade assets for their investors through the crypto market and binary options due to it’s high volatility in nature thereby allowing space for exploitation that if well studied and with the right amount of experience, they can guarantee a static return on investment within a certain period of time. Mr. Thomas on instagram introduced me to this very company that I invested with, they go by the name Traderprofx.com he claimed to worked with the company and can guarantee the safety of my funds. I looked at everything and it all seemed legit so I went ahead to invest a large sum of money in their company thinking that I was going to get my profits back within the stipulated period of time but that never happened, I never got to receive my money. I also made sure to follow through on every process just like the company support advised I do but all to no avail as my withdrawal request was placed on pending . They kept asking for money before I could withdraw successfully and I ended up paying a total of $68,000 to them . later on, after some weeks I did some research about recovery of lost cryptocurrency and to see if it's really possible to recover lost cryptocurrency, on my research I came across BITQUERY RETRIEVER HACKER, and I read so many couple of article online about how they helped victims of Cryptocurrency scam recovery their money from scammers. BITQUERY RETRIEVER HACKER, a Trustworthy and Reputable company with very well experienced Team of hackers in the recovery field that could help me recover back my funds. Realistically speaking the chances of such things are very slim but deep down I was hoping it will be possible so I contacted the team on WhatsApp: +1 (202) 773 -9556 asking for help, I just kept faith and hoped for the best . I can tell you today that this Team is Excellent at what they do , it took 4 days to get my funds fully recovered back to me anonymously and they made it seem so simple, the process was laid out perfectly for me and well handled by professionals. I’m recommending this Team to anyone like me who has been a victim of cryptocurrency scam to speedily contact BITQUERY RETRIEVER HACKER Team for instant assistance, their WhatsApp number is above Also here is their official Email: ( bitqueryretrieverhacker@bitquery.co.site  ) And also Telegram username: @Bitqueryretrieverhacker

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