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Apr 14

Technical Presentation; [2 Marks] ?

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Apr 14
A technical presentation is a formal presentation that focuses on explaining complex technical information to an audience. It typically includes detailed information about a specific topic, such as a new technology, product, or process. The purpose of a technical presentation is to educate and inform the audience about the topic, as well as to demonstrate the presenter's knowledge and expertise in the subject matter.

To earn full marks for a technical presentation, it should be well-organized, clear, and engaging. The presenter should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic and be able to effectively communicate complex information in a way that is easy for the audience to understand. Visual aids, such as slides or demonstrations, can also enhance the presentation and help to illustrate key points.

Additionally, the presenter should be able to answer questions from the audience and address any concerns or confusion that may arise. Overall, a successful technical presentation will leave the audience feeling informed and enlightened about the topic at hand.

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