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Naomi Gibson
Feb 26

Tell me all about prefixes in English?

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Feb 26
A prefix is a type of affix that is added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning. In English, prefixes are commonly used to create new words by adding a prefix to an existing word.

Some common prefixes in English include:

1. un- (meaning not): e.g. unhappy, unable
2. re- (meaning again): e.g. redo, revisit
3. dis- (meaning opposite or not): e.g. disagree, disconnect
4. pre- (meaning before): e.g. preheat, preview
5. mis- (meaning wrong or badly): e.g. misunderstand, misbehave
6. anti- (meaning against): e.g. anti-inflammatory, anti-war
7. bi- (meaning two): e.g. bicycle, bilingual
8. non- (meaning not): e.g. nonstop, nonfiction

Prefixes can change the meaning of a word in various ways, such as negating the original meaning, indicating repetition or intensity, or specifying a time or location. Understanding prefixes can help expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of the English language.

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