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Mar 14

Three different authors who defined communication with clear years long answer?


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Mar 14
1. Shannon and Weaver (1949) - Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver are credited with developing the Shannon-Weaver model of communication in 1949. This model conceptualizes communication as a linear process involving a sender who encodes a message, a channel through which the message is transmitted, and a receiver who decodes the message. The model also includes noise, which can disrupt the communication process. Shannon and Weaver's model laid the foundation for understanding communication as a complex and dynamic process involving multiple elements.

2. Lasswell (1948) - Harold Lasswell, a prominent communication theorist, proposed a model of communication in 1948 that focused on the content of communication. Lasswell's model is often summarized by the question: "Who says what, in which channel, to whom, with what effect?" This model highlights the importance of considering the source of the message, the message itself, the medium through which it is transmitted, the audience receiving the message, and the impact or effect of the communication. Lasswell's model emphasizes the role of context and audience in shaping the communication process.

3. Osgood and Schramm (1954) - Charles E. Osgood and Wilbur Schramm collaborated on a seminal book titled "An Introduction to Communication" in 1954, in which they proposed a transactional model of communication. This model views communication as a dynamic and interactive process in which both the sender and receiver play active roles. Osgood and Schramm emphasized the importance of feedback in communication, highlighting how messages are constantly being exchanged and interpreted between communicators. Their transactional model challenged earlier linear models of communication by recognizing the complexity and reciprocity inherent in human communication.

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