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Feb 13

Too high a ceiling- how to correct it?

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Feb 13
If you have a ceiling that is too high and you want to make it appear lower or create a cozier atmosphere, here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Paint the ceiling: Use a darker color on the ceiling compared to the walls. Darker colors tend to visually lower the height of a room.

2. Install a dropped ceiling: Adding a dropped or false ceiling can create the illusion of a lower ceiling height. This can be achieved by installing a suspended grid system and using ceiling tiles or panels.

3. Use architectural elements: Incorporate architectural elements like beams, moldings, or paneling on the ceiling. These can visually break up the height and add interest to the space.

4. Hang pendant lights or chandeliers: By hanging lights lower from the ceiling, it draws the eye downwards and creates a focal point, making the ceiling feel lower.

5. Add drapes or curtains: Hang long curtains or drapes from ceiling height to floor. This creates a vertical line that breaks up the height and adds a sense of coziness.

6. Use furniture and decor: Strategically place tall furniture, bookshelves, or artwork on the walls to draw attention away from the height of the ceiling.

7. Create a feature wall: Paint or wallpaper one wall with a bold pattern or color to divert attention from the ceiling.

Remember, these suggestions are meant to visually alter the perception of a high ceiling. If you are looking to physically lower the ceiling, it would require more extensive construction work and should be done by professionals.

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