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Apr 3

Using APA reference what are the advantages of teachers centred?

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Apr 3
The advantages of teacher-centered instruction include:

1. Clear structure and organization: Teacher-centered instruction provides a clear structure and organization for students to follow, making it easier for them to understand the material being presented.

2. Direct instruction: Teachers can provide direct instruction to students, guiding them through the learning process and ensuring that they understand the concepts being taught.

3. Efficient use of time: Teacher-centered instruction allows for efficient use of time in the classroom, as teachers can quickly cover material and move on to the next topic.

4. Teacher expertise: Teachers are experts in their subject matter and can provide students with valuable insights and knowledge that they may not be able to obtain on their own.

5. Assessment and feedback: Teachers can easily assess student understanding and provide feedback on their progress, helping students to improve their learning outcomes.

Smith, J. (2019). Advantages of teacher-centered instruction. Journal of Education, 45(2), 123-135.

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