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Apr 17

Various methods of collecting data in the field?

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Apr 17
1. Surveys: Surveys involve asking individuals or groups of people a series of questions to gather information about their opinions, attitudes, behaviors, or demographics.

2. Interviews: Interviews involve having a one-on-one conversation with individuals to gather in-depth information about their experiences, opinions, or perspectives.

3. Observations: Observations involve watching and recording behaviors, interactions, or events in a natural setting without interfering or influencing the subjects being observed.

4. Experiments: Experiments involve manipulating variables in a controlled setting to observe the effects on outcomes or behaviors.

5. Focus groups: Focus groups involve bringing together a small group of individuals to discuss a specific topic or issue in a structured setting, allowing for in-depth exploration of opinions and perspectives.

6. Case studies: Case studies involve in-depth analysis of a particular individual, group, organization, or event to gain a deeper understanding of a specific phenomenon.

7. Document analysis: Document analysis involves reviewing and analyzing existing documents, records, reports, or other written materials to gather data and insights.

8. Ethnography: Ethnography involves immersing oneself in a particular culture, community, or social setting to observe and document behaviors, interactions, and practices.

9. Participatory research: Participatory research involves collaborating with community members or stakeholders to design and conduct research, ensuring that their perspectives and experiences are central to the data collection process.

10. Mobile data collection: Mobile data collection involves using smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices to collect data in the field, allowing for real-time data collection, GPS tracking, and multimedia data capture.
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