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Fatuma Hassan
Nov 20, 2023

What are the different scholars who explain about mode of transport?

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Nov 20, 2023
There are several scholars who have contributed to the understanding and explanation of modes of transport. Some of the notable scholars in this field include:

1. John R. Meyer: Meyer was an American economist who extensively studied transportation economics. He co-authored the influential book "The Economics of Urban Transportation" and developed the concept of the "four-step model" for transportation planning.

2. Jean-Paul Rodrigue: Rodrigue is a Canadian geographer and transportation scholar. He has written extensively on various aspects of transportation, including the geography of transport systems, global freight distribution, and the impacts of transportation on economic development.

3. David Banister: Banister is a British transport planner and geographer. He has conducted research on sustainable transportation, transport policy, and the relationship between transport and land use. His work often focuses on the integration of different modes of transport and the promotion of sustainable mobility.

4. Peter Hall: Hall was a British urbanist and planner who made significant contributions to the study of transportation and urban development. His book "Great Planning Disasters" examined the negative impacts of automobile-oriented transportation planning on cities.

5. Susan Hanson: Hanson is an American geographer who has conducted extensive research on transportation geography and gender issues in transportation. Her work has explored the social and spatial dimensions of transportation, including the experiences of women and marginalized groups in accessing different modes of transport.

These scholars, among others, have provided valuable insights into the various modes of transport, their impacts on society and the environment, and the planning and policy considerations associated with transportation systems.

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