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Nov 17, 2023

What are the examples of input devices in a computer??


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Nov 17, 2023
Some examples of input devices in a computer include:

1. Keyboard: Used to input text and commands by pressing keys.
2. Mouse: Used to move the cursor and select objects on the screen.
3. Touchpad: Found on laptops, it is used to move the cursor and perform various gestures.
4. Trackball: Similar to a mouse, but the ball is on top and is rolled with the fingers to move the cursor.
5. Joystick: Used primarily for gaming, it allows for precise control of movement in various directions.
6. Gamepad: Also used for gaming, it typically has buttons and joysticks for controlling characters or objects in games.
7. Scanner: Used to convert physical documents or images into digital format.
8. Webcam: Captures video and audio, commonly used for video conferencing or recording videos.
9. Microphone: Captures audio input, used for voice recording or communication.
10. Touchscreen: Allows users to interact with the computer by touching the display directly.
11. Graphics tablet: Used by artists and designers to draw or write directly on a tablet-like surface.
12. Barcode reader: Scans barcodes to input data quickly and accurately.
13. Biometric devices: Examples include fingerprint scanners or facial recognition systems used for authentication.
14. MIDI keyboard: Used by musicians to input musical notes and control various parameters in music production software.
15. Digital camera: Used to capture and input digital images or videos into the computer.

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