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Feb 29

What are the parts of an ICT system?


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Feb 29
1. Hardware: This includes physical components such as computers, servers, routers, switches, and other devices used to process and store data.

2. Software: This includes programs and applications that run on the hardware to perform specific tasks, such as operating systems, databases, and productivity software.

3. Data: This refers to the information that is processed and stored by the ICT system, including text, images, videos, and other types of content.

4. Networks: This includes the infrastructure that connects the hardware and software components of the ICT system, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the internet.

5. People: This refers to the individuals who use and manage the ICT system, including end-users, IT professionals, and other stakeholders.

6. Procedures: This includes the rules and guidelines that govern how the ICT system is used and maintained, such as security policies, backup procedures, and troubleshooting protocols.

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