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Nov 16, 2023

What are the parts of input and output devices ?

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Nov 16, 2023
Input devices and output devices are two types of computer peripherals that allow users to interact with a computer system.

The parts of input devices include:

1. Keyboards: Consist of keys that allow users to input text, numbers, and commands.
2. Mouse: Typically consists of buttons and a scroll wheel, used to move a cursor on the screen and select objects.
3. Trackpad: Found on laptops, it allows users to move the cursor by sliding their fingers across the surface.
4. Touchscreen: Allows users to interact directly with the screen by touching it.
5. Microphone: Captures audio input, allowing users to record sound or use voice commands.
6. Scanner: Converts physical documents or images into digital format by scanning them.
7. Webcam: Captures video input, allowing users to participate in video calls or record videos.

The parts of output devices include:

1. Monitor/Display: Shows visual output, such as text, images, and videos.
2. Printer: Produces hard copies of digital documents or images on paper.
3. Speakers: Produce audio output, allowing users to listen to music, videos, or other audio files.
4. Projector: Displays visual output on a larger screen or surface, often used for presentations.
5. Headphones: Allow users to listen to audio output privately.
6. Braille Display: Converts digital text into Braille characters for visually impaired users.
7. Haptic Devices: Provide tactile feedback, such as vibrations or force, to enhance user interaction.
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