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Jun 8, 2023

What are the reson behind value detarioration among youth according to you?

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Jun 9, 2023

Here are some possible factors:

  1. Cultural shifts: Societal changes and evolving cultural norms can influence the values and priorities of younger generations. Different societal values may emerge, and traditional values might be questioned or reinterpreted.
  2. Technology and media influence: The widespread use of technology and social media platforms can expose young people to diverse and sometimes conflicting ideas, ideologies, and lifestyles. The constant exposure to information and different perspectives can contribute to a sense of moral relativism and a more fluid approach to values.
  3. Economic pressures: Economic challenges, such as high unemployment rates, student debt, and the rising cost of living, can lead some young people to prioritize financial stability and personal success over other values. This can result in a shift away from values traditionally associated with altruism or community involvement.
  4. Individualism and self-focus: The emphasis on individualism and personal fulfillment in modern societies can lead some young people to prioritize their own needs and desires over broader societal or collective values. This can manifest as a focus on self-expression, personal growth, and immediate gratification.
  5. Educational system and societal pressures: Some argue that the pressure to achieve academic success and meet societal expectations places significant stress on young people. This pressure may lead to a devaluation of certain values in favor of more immediate or tangible goals, such as academic performance or career advancement.
  6. Lack of positive role models: The absence of strong, positive role models or a breakdown in intergenerational communication can contribute to value deterioration. Positive role models can provide guidance and inspire younger individuals to uphold certain values.

It's important to recognize that values can vary among individuals, and not all young people exhibit a deterioration of values. Many young individuals continue to embrace and uphold positive values and contribute to society in meaningful ways.


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