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Derrick Simanga Gininda
Apr 15

What are the seven requirements of consent?

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Apr 15
1. Voluntariness: Consent must be given freely, without coercion, manipulation, or pressure.

2. Capacity: The individual giving consent must have the mental and emotional capacity to understand the nature and consequences of their decision.

3. Informed: The individual must have all relevant information about the decision they are making, including risks, benefits, and alternatives.

4. Specificity: Consent must be specific to the particular action or treatment being proposed.

5. Reversibility: Consent can be withdrawn at any time, and the individual must be informed of this right.

6. Duration: Consent is only valid for a specific period of time or until the agreed-upon action is completed.

7. Documentation: Consent should be documented in writing, especially for medical procedures or other significant decisions.

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