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What are the types of archeology?

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1. Classical archaeology: Focuses on the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.

2. Historical archaeology: Studies the material remains of recent human societies, typically from the past few hundred years.

3. Underwater archaeology: Involves the study of submerged archaeological sites, such as shipwrecks or sunken cities.

4. Prehistoric archaeology: Investigates the material culture and behavior of ancient human societies before the invention of writing.

5. Industrial archaeology: Examines the material remains of industrial sites, such as factories, mines, and mills.

6. Ethnoarchaeology: Studies the material culture and practices of contemporary societies to better understand past human behavior.

7. Experimental archaeology: Involves recreating ancient technologies and practices to better understand how they were used in the past.

8. Biblical archaeology: Focuses on the archaeological study of sites mentioned in the Bible to better understand the historical context of biblical events.

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