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Abdulai Zakaria
Mar 20

What body conditions favor gluconeogenesis over glycolysis?

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Mar 20
1. Fasting or starvation: When the body is deprived of food for an extended period of time, gluconeogenesis is favored over glycolysis to maintain blood glucose levels.

2. Low carbohydrate intake: When the body is not receiving enough carbohydrates from the diet, gluconeogenesis is activated to produce glucose from other sources such as amino acids and glycerol.

3. High-intensity exercise: During intense physical activity, the demand for glucose increases and gluconeogenesis may be favored to provide additional glucose for energy production.

4. Diabetes: In individuals with diabetes, gluconeogenesis may be upregulated due to insulin resistance or impaired glucose uptake, leading to increased production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources.

5. Stress or trauma: During times of stress or trauma, the body may prioritize gluconeogenesis to provide energy for vital functions and repair processes.

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